Facebook to use Safety Check tool more widely after Paris attacks

The social network drew criticism for not activating the status tool for other human-created crises.

CNET November 21, 2015

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Facebook to use Safety Check tool more widely after Paris attacks
The social network drew criticism for activating the status tool after the crisis in Paris but choosing not to switch it on after bombings in Beirut the previous day. READ MORE »
Natalie Weinstein
Senior Editor / Austin, Texas

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Facebook activates Safety Check for Nigeria bombing

For the second time in a week, the social network is letting users in the vicinity of a terrorist attack let their friends and family know they’re safe with one click.

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Twitter could move beyond its heart symbol to offer richer responses

A feature hidden in a developer version of Twitter’s app shows emojis to express more emotions. That feature would add complexity to the service, but also nuance.

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Google+ to get a complete overhaul

The Californian search giant has begun a total redesign of its social network, which will see increased focus on the platform’s Collections and Communities.

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Instagram doubles its active users in India in a year

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has doubled in popularity over the period of a year in India, which is itself enjoying explosive Internet growth.

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Facebook tests tool to limit your exposure to recent exes

The social network introduces a function that allows users to see less of their former romantic partner, instead of unfriending them.

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Watch this on-demand webinar, Surveys & You: How to Get Feedback…and Deal with It, with Simon Westfield, IT Operations Manager, AutoRestore, to the…




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